Adarkar Unicorn

Creature — Unicorn

The Adarkar Wastes were barren, frozen plains on Ice Age era Terisiare of Dominaria. Remnants of the Adarkar Wastes can be found on New Argive.
The Wastes were populated by giants, unicorns, yetis and mysterious artificial sentinels. They were located between the Yavimaya River and the Kher Ridges. The great Kjeldoran hero General Jarkeld disappeared in the Adarkar Wastes and is believed to have perished there.

Ice Age - English
Adarkar Unicorn

Ere Glaciaire - French
Licorne adarkare

Eiszeit - German

Era Glaciale - Italian
Unicorno dell'Adarkar

Era Glacial - Portuguese
Unicórnio de Adarkar

Era Glacial - Spanish
Unicornio de Adarkar