Vesuvan Shapeshifter

Time Spiral, Masters 25 & Time Spiral Remastered

Dominaria lies in ruins once again, but this time, the damage is more than skin deep. Strange storms bring flashes of an ancient past. Unlikely allies band together to heal the land—but what they discover will change all the planes forever …
Time Spiral features 301 cards, plus 121 special "timeshifted" reprint cards from Magic past.

Time Spiral - English

Time Spiral (Foil) - English

Spirale Temporelle - French

Spirale Temporelle (Foil) - French

Zeitspirale - German

Zeitspirale (Foil) - German

Spirale Temporale - Italian

Spirale Temporale (Foil) - Italian

Espiral Temporal - Portuguese

Espiral Temporal (Foil) - Portuguese

Espiral del Tiempo - Spanish

Espiral del Tiempo (Foil) - Spanish

时间漩涡 - Chinese Simplified

时间漩涡 (Foil) - Chinese Simplified
時のらせん - Japanese
時のらせん (Foil) - Japanese

Спираль Времени - Russian

Спираль Времени (Foil) - Russian

Masters 25th - English

Masters 25th (Foil) - English
25周年大师版 - Chinese Simplified

25周年大师版 (Foil) - Chinese Simplified

マスターズ 25th - Japanese

マスターズ 25th (Foil) - Japanese

Time Spiral Remastered - English

Time Spiral Remastered (Foil) - English

Spirale Temporelle Remastered - French

Spirale Temporelle Remastered (Foil) - French

Zeitspirale Remastered - German

Zeitspirale Remastered (Foil) - German

Spirale Temporale Remastered - Italian

Spirale Temporale Remastered (Foil) - Italian

Espiral Temporal Remasterizada - Portuguese

Espiral Temporal Remasterizada (Foil)

Espiral del Tiempo Remasterizada - Spanish

Espiral del Tiempo Remasterizada (Foil) - Spanish

时间漩涡重制版 - Chinese Simplified

时间漩涡重制版 (Foil) - Chinese Simplified

時間漩渦:重製版 - Chinese Traditional

時間漩渦:重製版 (Foil) - Chinese Traditional

時のらせんリマスター - Japanese

時のらせんリマスター (Foil) - Japanese

Спираль Времени - Russian

Спираль Времени (Foil) - Russian