Creature — Zombie

Zombies are normally simply animated and have little to no connection with the soul of the deceased, though some especially powerful necromancers know how to bind the dead to their bodies to create smart zombies.

Set The Dark
Type Summon Zombies
Errata B: Regenerates
Flavor Text We asked Captain Soll what became of the Serafina, but all he said was, “Ships that go down shouldn’t come back up.”
Info #24 · C · EN · DRK · 1994

Zombi del Naufragio
Set L'Oscurità
Type Evoca Zombi
Errata B: Rigenera
Flavor Text Chiedemmo al Capitano Soll cosa era accaduto alla Serafina, ma tutto ciò che disse fu: “Le navi che affondano non dovrebbero riemergere.”
Info #24 · C · IT · DRK · 1995