Firebrand Ranger


As the Phyrexians invade Dominaria, the strong fall, the swift perish, and the rich burn. It’s time to reach out across colors and consolidate power because there’s only one way to fight the Phyrexians: together. Fight the enemy. Join the coalition.
This 350-card set includes new Kicker cards, Split cards, and Multicolored cards with stronger allied color strategies.

Invasion - English

Invasion (Foil) - English

Invasion - French

Invasion (Foil) - French

Invasion - German

Invasion (Foil) - German

Invasione - Italian

Invasione - Italian

Invasão - Portuguese

Invasão (Foil) - Portuguese

Invasión - Spanish

Invasión - Spanish

大战役 - Chinese Simplified

大戰役 - Chinese Traditional

大戰役 (Foil) - Chinese Traditional

インベイジョ ン - Japanese

インベイジョ ン (Foil) - Japanese