Fugitive Druid

Creature — Human Druid

Druids, like clerics, are masters of magic that are powered by faith, often backed up with prowess in combat. They are "nature priests" and mostly green-aligned. Druids are strongly tied to plants, animals, fertility, the element of earth, and the land about them.

Tempest - English
Fugitive Druid

Tempête - French
Druide fugitif

Strumwind - German
Geflüchteter Druide

Tempesta - Italian
Druido Fuggiasco

Tempestade - Portuguese
Druida Fugitivo

Tempestad - Spanish
Druida fugitivo

暴風雨 - Chinese Traditional

テンペスト - Japanese

템페스트 - Korean
드루이드 탈주자