Headless Horseman

Creature — Zombie Knight

Zombies are normally simply animated and have little to no connection with the soul of the deceased, though some especially powerful necromancers know how to bind the dead to their bodies to create smart zombies. Knight is a creature class. The first knights, White Knight and Black Knight appeared in Alpha.

Headless Horseman
Set Legends
Type Summon Horseman
Flavor Text “...[T]he ghost rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest of his head...he sometimes passes along the Hollow, like a midnight blast...”
—Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Info #102 · C · EN · LEG · 1994

Cavaliere Senza Testa
Set Leggende
Type Evoca Cavaliere
Flavor Text “... [I]l fantasma torna sul campo di battaglia, cercando la propria testa...A volte passa di fianco a Hollow, come un tuono a mezzanotte...”
—Washington Irving, La Leggenda di Sleepy Hollow
Info #102 · C · IT · LEG · 1995