Fellwar Stone

The Dark, Fourth & Fifth Edition

After the Brothers' War, Dominaria goes cold and dark, dominated by an overzealous church determined to ban magic. Two magic schools persevere in whispered fables and deep secrecy.
This 119-card set, the fourth Magic expansion, features many cards that pair tempting Magic abilities with damaging penalties.

The Dark - English

Renaissance - French

Renaissance - German

L'Oscurità - Italian

Quatra Edição - Portuguese

Cuarta Edición - Spanish

第四版 - Chinese Traditional

第4版 - Japanese

제4판 - Korean

Fourth Edition - English

Quatrième Èdition - French

Vierte Edition - German

Quarta Edizione - Italian

Quatra Edição - Portuguese

Cuarta Edición - Spanish

第4版 - Japanese

Fifth Edition - English

Cinquième Èdition - French

Fünfte Edition - German

Quinta Edizione - Italian

Quinta Edição - Portuguese

Quinta Edición - Spanish

第五版 - Chinese Simplified

第五版 - Chinese Traditional

第5版 - Japanese

제5판 - Korean