Marsh Goblins

Creature — Goblin

Goblins is a creature type used for cards that depict a race of diminutive humanoids, frequently encountered in underground warrens in mountain areas.

Marsh Goblins
Set The Dark
Type Summon Goblins
Errata Swampwalk
Counts as both a black card and a red card.
Flavor Text Even the other Goblin races shun the Marsh Goblins, thanks to certain unwholesome customs they practice.
Info #93 · C · EN · DRK · 1994

Goblin degli Acquitrini
Set L'Oscurità
Type Summon Goblins
Errata Passa-paludi
Conta sia come carta nera, sia come carta rossa.
Flavor Text Perfino gli altri Goblin evitano i Goblin degli Acquitrini, a causa di certe loro insane abitudini.
Info #93 · C · IT · DRK · 1995