Balduvian Shaman

Creature — Human Cleric Shaman

Balduvia was a was a nation of barbarians north of the Karplusan Mountains during the time of the Ice Age on Terisiare (Dominaria). They inhabited the Balduvian Steppes north-west of Kjeldor.
Balduvian barbarians were mainly hunters but kept a few more permanent settlements in the area. They were rivals of Kjeldor for some time but allied with the forces of their enemies to battle against Lim-Dûl. With the end of the Ice Age, many of the beasts that the barbarians hunted died out, and the land became suitable for crops. This marked a change in Balduvian lifestyles and further cemented their alliance with the Kjeldorans. Together they formed the nation of New Argive.

Ice Age - English
Balduivan Shaman

Ere Glaciaire - French
Shamane balduvian

Eiszeit - German
Balduvianischer Schamane

Era Glaciale - Italian
Sciamano di Balduvia

Era Glacial - Portuguese
Xamã Balduviano

Era Glacial - Spanish
Chamán balduviano