Creature — Human Cleric

Human is a creature type. Humans are probably one of the most prevalent species in the multiverse. Clerics channel the power of their faith in a cause or higher being into potent magic. Preacher is an obsolete classe and was incorporated into the Cleric class.

Set The Dark
Type Summon Preacher
Errata T: Gain control of one of opponent’s creatures. Opponent chooses which target creature you control. If Preacher becomes untapped, you lose control of this creature; you may choose not to untap Preacher as normal during your untap phase. You also lose control of the creature if Preacher leaves play or at end of game.
Info #16 · R · EN · DRK · 1994

Set L'Oscurità
Type Evoca Predicatore
Errata T: Ottieni il controllo di una creatura dell’avversario a sua scelta. Se Predicatore viene STAPpato, perdi il controllo della creatura, ma puoi scegliere di non STAPpare il Predicatore durante la tua fase di STAP. Al termine della partita o quando il Predicatore lascia il gioco, perdi il controllo della creatura.
Info #16 · R · IT · DRK · 1995