Raiding Party
Type Enchantment
Current Rules Text Raiding Party can’t be the target of white spells or abilities from white sources.
Sacrifice an Orc: Each player may tap any number of untapped white creatures they control. For each creature tapped this way, that player chooses up to two Plains. Then destroy all Plains that weren’t chosen this way by any player.

Set Fallen Empires
Type Summon Homarid
Errata Put a tide counter on Homarid when it is brought into play and during your upkeep. If there is one tide counter on Homarid, it gets -1/-1. If there are three tide counters on Homarid, it gets +1/+1. When there are four tide counters on Homarid, remove them all.
Info #19a · C · EN · FEM · 1994

Hymn to Tourach
Set Fallen Empires
Type Sorcery
Errata Target player discards two cards at random from his or her hand. If target player does not have enough cards, his or her entire hand is discarded.
Flavor Text Knowing the Hymn's power, the followers of Leitbur carefully guarded their pillaged transcriptions.
Info #38c · C · EN · FEM · 1994

Orcish Veteran
Set Fallen Empires
Type Summon Orc
Errata Cannot be assigned to block any white creatre of power greater than 1.
R: First strike until end of turn
Flavor Text Unsuccessful in their early battle for Montford, the Orcs quickly tempered their bloodlust with cowardice.
Info #62c · C · EN · FEM · 1994

Raiding Party
Set Fallen Empires
Type Enchantment
Errata Raiding Party may not be the target of white spells or effects.
0: Sacrifice an Orc to destory all plains. A player may tap a white creature to prevent up to two plains from being destroyed. Any number of creatures may be tapped in this manner.
Info #64 · U · EN · FEM · 1994

Vodalian Mage
Set Fallen Empires
Type Summon Merfolk
Errata U, T: Counters a target spell if caster of target spell does not pay an additional 1: Play this ability as an interrupt.
Flavor Text Vodalian Mages were invaluable in magical combat. Unfortunately, the Homarids raided with strength, numbers, and very little magic.
Info #30c · C · EN · FEM · 1994